Visiting Alexandra Farms, the world largest garden rose farm, in Bogota, Colombia

pink and posey Sep 12, 2022

I was very fortunate to visit the largest garden rose farm in the world, Alexandra Farms, located in Bogota, Colombia. It was truly amazing to see these beautiful garden roses in person and meet florist designers around the world. 

I had two amazing days at their farm and saw so much. I saw garden roses that were smaller than a fingernail, and on the other end of the spectrum, garden roses bigger than my head! The variety was astounding. 

But one thing is that each garden rose had was a captivating scent. Each has a specific smell that is unique to each variety. From citrus to heavy floral fragrance, it ranges differently from each bloom. You can imagine the fragrant sort of heaven I was in being surrounded by these blooms!

Alexandra Farms grows and sells more than 60 varieties of garden roses on their two farms, and I got to view over 70 other varieties that they were experimenting with. I even had the chance to vote whether or not they should continue to grow these...

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How I learned from my early pricing mistakes as a new paper florist

Small business owners the world over have struggled with the same issue: how to price goods and services—and here in the paper flower industry, we’re no different. My journey with figuring out pricing as a paper florist started before I even knew I wanted a career in paper flowers. 

Some years ago I had surgery on my back and was easing back into my work as an event planner. One of my brides asked if I could make paper flowers for her decor. With my yes can-do attitude (that I know so many of you have, too!), I, of course, said yes. She wanted flowers made in purple and from music sheets since she and her husband were avid musicians. I scoured YouTube channels and books about making paper flowers, and this was before crepe paper flowers were very popular. It took some time, but eventually, I figured it out. 

Because it was my first time making paper flowers, I took on the brunt of the cost of making them. Luckily, I was able to roll the cost of supplies and a...

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