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My name is Quynh D. Nguyen, and my mission is to share knowledge, connect, and elevate the artistry of paper florists. As an integral part of our vibrant and inclusive community, you can join me on a journey of creating beauty, sharing our passion, and fostering connections among people who appreciate flowers and beautiful art. My passion drives me to create a space where we can collectively embark on a journey of creating beauty and expressing our love for flowers through the incredible art form of paper floristry.

Explore my platform to learn, find inspiration, and be part of an amazing international community dedicated to the art of paper floristry.


Discover the Art of Creating Unique Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers is a beautiful journey shaped by your unique path. I believe in the power of individuality, and that's why I encourage you to find your own way of making flowers. As someone who once pursued a career in the culinary world and logistics, my diverse background influences every aspect of my craft from setting up my workstation to the deft use of scissors. My experience guides me.

Remember that everyone starts at the beginning, feeling a little clumsy and uncertain. But fear not! It's through practice, repetition, and the willingness to embrace new techniques that we truly grow. So take your time, savor the process, and enjoy each step along the way. Even after nearly a decade of making paper flowers, I am still discovering new methods to perfect my peonies and their delicate leaves.

I'm grateful that you've stopped by, and I'm excited to share my techniques and paper flower methods with you. I understand that the journey is made easier with guidance from a teacher. That's why I offer a wealth of resources including workshops, tutorials, supply and book recommendations, and more to help you dive into the world of paper flower making.


Quynh D. Nguyen

Hello! I’m Quynh Nguyen, the paper artist behind Pink and Posey. I am a creator, educator,  podcaster, and soon to be author! Join me to learn and share in our amazing community.

Welcome to the world of paper flowers. 

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“Quynh has been one of the absolute best teachers! The classes she offers are engaging, and the preplanning she puts into each class ensures you will be ready with the right tools and materials needed to flourish and grow! I am walking away from this class with the most gorgeous bouquet, a stronger love for paper flowers, new skills, and new friends.”


Faith Schau 

“I met Quynh in 2018, for a private crepe paper flower class. Quynh is a very thoughtful and meticulous teacher. She gave me tips and tricks and helped me understand different variables. I've also learned from Quynh thru written and video tutorials. She is easy to understand in person; thru video and via her printed instructions. I learn something new, with each tutorial Quynh gives.”



“When starting my paper flower journey I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I found Quynh. Not only are her flowers stunningly beautiful and realistic, but she is an incredibly passionate and giving educator! Quynh has not only shown me the basics but also guided me through many intricate and advanced techniques…always being extremely patient and supportive!”




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