Coming October 1, 2024

Paper Flower Book

I'm incredibly excited to announce my upcoming book: The New Art of Paper Flowers by Quynh D. Nguyen!


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About the Author


I’m Quynh D. Nguyen. I am the paper artist behind the fine art installations of Pink and Posey. My love of paper flowers led me to founding The Posey Box, the educational branch of my business, and co-founding Paper Talk Podcast where we elevate voices from our community and beyond.

I believe strongly in sharing what I have learned about making paper flowers and being an entrepreneur. Helping others thrive on their journey is incredibly rewarding! Through speaking engagements and online courses, I share what I’ve learned from my education in marketing and finance, as well as the invaluable experience of working as a paper artist for nearly a decade.

If you're curious to learn more about me, I invite you to read about my life before paper flowers and the profound influence my family has had on shaping my entrepreneurial path. Additionally, you can delve into the story of how my love of paper flowers blossomed into the thriving business it is today.

My paper flowers have been featured in many media outlets and commercial venues, both locally in the Seattle area and nationally. You can view a selection of my artistic work here.

“I met Quynh in 2018, by contacting her thru Instagram. I asked for a private crepe paper flower class and she said, yes. Quynh is a very thoughtful and meticulous teacher. She gave me tips and tricks and helped me understand different variables. I've also learned from Quynh thru written and video tutorials. She is easy to understand in person; thru video and via her printed instructions. I learn something new, with each tutorial Quynh gives.”


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For media or event inquiries, please contact [email protected]

To stock this book in your store, please email [email protected]