The first ever paper florists' member directory launched this week!!!


It’s finally here. 

After months of hard work, we have The Paper Florist Member Directory up and running. I know we’ve been talking it up for a while, but here’s a reminder of just how amazing this tool will be for you. 

With this directory, it will be super easy for ideal clients to find you. Paper florists from all over the world can post portfolios and connect with event coordinators, commercial businesses, photographers, and on and on. Our industry is growing rapidly, and our goal with this directory is to keep building on that momentum and make it painless for those outside the paper flower world to find us.

The best part about the directory is that it will take a huge burden off your shoulders when it comes to advertising. I’ll do the heavy lifting by advertising the directory on my platforms, as will the cofounder of the directory, Jessie Chui of Crafted to Bloom. We’ll promote the directory on influential podcasts and blogs, like the...

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Welcome to the world of paper flowers!

I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing my paper flower journey with you.