5 Tips for Artists Using IQ Hashtags

business tips iq hashtags Aug 27, 2021

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Nothing shows off a creative’s work like a photo, and that makes Instagram a great fit for artists like paper florists. But how do you master that tricky algorithm and reach the right audience? I recommend a hashtag platform, and you can compare two of the biggest ones in our last blog on IQ Hashtags vs Flick Tech

This time around, I want to go in depth and give some tips on how artists can best use IQ Hashtags. #letsgetlearning


  • Make your own collection of hashtags

I know that this may seem like an obvious one, but personalizing your own hashtag collection can prove useful. IQ Hashtags makes it super easy for you to copy and paste your hashtags onto your caption. It can save a lot of time and trouble if you’re going to...

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