5 Tips for Artists Using IQ Hashtags

business tips iq hashtags Aug 27, 2021
5 Tips for Artists Using IQ Hashtags. Background photo of paper cherry blossoms made from crepe paper with Kai Scissors with pink doublette German Crepe Paper.

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Nothing shows off a creative’s work like a photo, and that makes Instagram a great fit for artists like paper florists. But how do you master that tricky algorithm and reach the right audience? I recommend a hashtag platform, and you can compare two of the biggest ones in our last blog on IQ Hashtags vs Flick Tech

This time around, I want to go in depth and give some tips on how artists can best use IQ Hashtags. #letsgetlearning


  • Make your own collection of hashtags

I know that this may seem like an obvious one, but personalizing your own hashtag collection can prove useful. IQ Hashtags makes it super easy for you to copy and paste your hashtags onto your caption. It can save a lot of time and trouble if you’re going to schedule out your posts. 

Here’s an example of hashtags that are working for me right now in August 2021:

#paperflowers #crepepaperflowers #paperflowershop #handmadepaperflowers #paperflowersby #diypaperflowers #paperflowersdecor #paperflowersbouquet #larspaperflowers #paperflowerset #dsfloral #bhgflowers #gardengathered #ofsimplethings #slowflowers #flowerinspiration #ig_discover_petals #inspirewithblooms #creative_flatlays #floristsofinstagram #simpleandstill #worldinbloom #flowerstyle #bloomandgrow #chooselovely #livemoremagic #beautyyouseek #botanicals #paperflowerlovers #loveofflowers #paperflorist


  • Check your hashtags often

 You should double check that your hashtags are relevant and not banned. You can do this in IQ Hashtags by using the Banned Checker or the Advanced Search. It’s crucial to stay on top of your hashtags because they can really boost your social media presence. I suggest that you check your hashtags once every two weeks for positive results.


  • Use a hashtag formula

 As you’re researching those hashtags, keep in mind that you should also use a variety of them in terms of popularity. You can use this formula: 

  • Use 1 - 3 hashtags that have been used more than 1 million times — very popular, trending. #paperflowers
  • Use 5 - 8 hashtags that are between 100,000 to 500,000 — popular but starting to get into a niche. #crepepaperflowers
  • Use 5 - 8 hashtags that are between 10,000 to 100,000 — niched and relevant to your photo or post. #handmadepaperflowers
  • Use 3 - 7 hashtags that are between below 10,000 — you want these ones to be super niched to you and to your industry. #paperflowerlovers


  • Check your audience demographics

 It is essential that you know who is in your niche audience. You probably have a good idea of the demographics, but it really is important that you are up to date with who your loyal followers are. There could be some surprises in there!

One of my biggest surprises is that I have a lot of international followers in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Vietnam, and that most of my followers are around my age. It helps me envision who my audience or avatar is when I am thinking about what I should write about. If I can envision them, it really makes my post so much more easy to write.

You can check your audience demographics on IQ Hashtags by going into Profile Analysis. By tailoring hashtags for your niche group, you can better plan how to reach others like them and expand your presence on social media. 


  • Utilize blogs

 If you want to grow your business by gaining a mass following or by improving your social media presence, then you need to get reading! And you can do so for free on IQ Hashtags! You know as a small business owner that utilizing all of your resources is important, especially if it doesn’t cost you a dime. There’s so much to learn and read from IQ Hashtags, so make sure you check out this amazing and helpful resource.

Avoid these mistakes

Now that we’ve covered the great things you can do with IQ Hashtags, let’s go over some things you should NOT be doing on Instagram.

  • Don’t reuse the same set of hashtags over and over again. Yes, use them if they are relevant to your post. I have to admit I tend to use my own hashtag #pinkandposey a lot because I am the creator. But I started to add in #quynhnguyen as an alternative to it. Consider using your own personal name or business name to create an easy secondary hashtag for people to find you.
  • Don’t buy likes or followers. It might be tempting to get 10K followers, but it really is not worth it—especially for artists like us. Your goal for Instagram is to find followers that genuinely like and love your work. You want to foster authentic conversations that will eventually create a strong relationship, and thus a loyal fan and customer. You can easily tell when someone is buying likes. They may have over 1000 likes for a post, but maybe just 1 or 2 comments. That is not engagement at all, and it won’t help your business in the long run.
  • Don’t edit your caption after the first hour. During this critical time, the Instagram algorithm is trying to figure out your post, so even if you see a misspelling or somehow your phone made an autocorrect that completely changes the meaning of your post, try your hardest not to touch it up. Use that time to go and comment on other people’s posts and start authentic conversations and connections. 
  • Don’t leave the location blank. One mistake that I see often is not adding a location tag to posts. Even though I technically live in Kirkland, Washington, I always tag Seattle because people will more commonly know and search Seattle than Kirkland. (Unless you happen to be a Costco’s fan!) 
  • Don’t use banned hashtags. Yes, I already mentioned this, but it really is important. Use IQ Hashtag’s easy search function to check if it’s a good hashtag to use or not.

Business or Creator account

One last thing to think about: should you use a business or creator account. Business accounts are for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers. Creator accounts are for public figures, content creators, bloggers, artists, and influencers. Since I am a paper artist, this is the category that I choose for myself, but your choice may be different. Choose what fits you the best.

I’d love to hear your experience using IQ Hashtags as an artist, and which hashtags are working for you right now! Please comment or send me a DM on Instagram @pinkandposey. As always, happy making!

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