How to Beautifully Photograph Your Paper Flowers with Caroline Tran


Have you ever browsed the competition and been shocked to find that other paper florists are charging way more than you are for similar products? How are they able to make such a higher profit? Why are customers swayed by their offerings? 

Caroline Tran of Caroline Tran Photography sold her own creative goods, once upon a time, and was puzzled by the price discrepancies she found. After some sleuthing, she figured out the reason why and let us in on it in our latest episode of Paper Talk. Here’s a clue from Caroline: “The way you present your stuff is going to make the difference between whether someone’s willing to pay $80 for it or $8 for it.” 

She also provided extremely useful information about photographing your products to showcase online. Here’s what you’ll learn when you listen to her episode:

  • Tricks and tips to photograph your products in their best light (both figuratively and literally).
  • The best apps and programs...
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