Teaching In-Person Workshops in the Age of Covid-19

Like us, you’ve probably been isolated at home for months now. So you can imagine our surprise when scrolling through Instagram and seeing that our friend, Jasmine Sing of Merremade, has already resumed in-person paper flower workshops! The pandemic is in a very different state in South Korea where she lives, but hopefully, we are headed in that direction here in North America and the rest of the world. So, we took the opportunity to chat with the lovely Jasmine in our latest episode of Paper Talk about how she eased back into teaching face-to-face in the age of Covid-19. 

To keep herself and her students safe, Jasmine follows these rules:

 Asks students beforehand if they have been sick, visited a hospital recently, etc.

  • Sanitizes the entire workshop before class: tools, furniture, doorknobs, etc.
  • Sets up the space so that tools and materials are 2 meters (a little more than 6 feet) apart, and keeps students 2 meters apart at all times.
  • Limits the number of...
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