The MOST important factor to consider when setting your prices

Can you really charge as much as other paper florists? There are many factors to weight when setting prices, but one of the most important is understanding your own value as an artist. After reading this post, you will gain the confidence you need to value your experience and skill set, and learn why you should be calculating that into your prices. When you value yourself, you’ll be able to price with confidence and make your business profitable.

At our second Paper X Talk lecture on pricing, we discussed all of the factors that we weigh when setting our prices. Our panelists provided a huge wealth of information, but one factor stood out: the great need to value your own time and skills. 

So how do you do that? Here are some insights from our panelists.

Narrow Your Customer Base

Jesalyn Pettigrew of Mossy Gate Flower Farm tried on many different hats when she started out as a flower grower. Some worked, some didn’t. Some she hated, some...

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