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awesome blossom! Jul 25, 2021

I’ve always loved sharing what I know and love, and that is twice as true when it comes to welcoming people into the world of paper flowers. The creation of The Posey Box online tutorials nurtured a greater love of teaching within me. Guiding others through the basics and mechanics of paper flowers has only increased my passion for education.

That’s why I’m so excited to launch a new workshop series with Jessie Chui of Crafted to Bloom. We’ve named it Awesome Blossom! because our classes are all about the joy and fun of paper flowers. 

Awesome Blossom! consists of eight online LIVE workshops. We will start with an introductory workshop to teach the basics of paper flower techniques, both for beginners and more experienced paper florists. We’ll use that strong foundation to then move on to a new flower or foliage each month: eucalyptus, jasmine vine, hybrid tea rose, Japanese anemone, bomb peony, and stock. To finish the series, Jessie and I will...

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Welcome to the world of paper flowers!

I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing my paper flower journey with you.