The paper florist industry is about to get a whole lot stronger

paper talk the paper florists collective Aug 05, 2020

You want to connect with more clients. You want your amazing creations to be enjoyed. Spending time to promote your work is not what you imagined doing when you became a paper florist. Well, we’ve got your back. There is strength in numbers, and the paper florist community is about to get a whole lot stronger, together. 

Paper florists are scattered all over the world, which is why you’re reading these words! You want to connect with others in our industry. That’s always been the heart and soul of Paper Talk and the Paper Florists Collective. This is why we are so excited for some big projects coming down the pipeline. These projects will include all paper florists who want to participate, and they will help us all to promote and grow our industry.

In our latest episode of Paper Talk, we delved into some of the specifics, but here is a brief intro:

  • Quynh has had a dream to create a gigantic paper flower installation for art gallery use for sometime now, but we’re pushing for it to become reality. We want paper florists from all over to be involved and to use this as an opportunity to highlight the environmental impact we are having on the planet. As Jessie said, this will be the “intersection between beauty...and the ugliness of our consumption.” 
  • We’ve been working on a Paper Florists Directory that will connect clients with paper florists all over the world. We envision this being used for special events, commercial events, print and digital media, and on and on.  

There are so many other moving parts involved in these projects. Listen now to learn even more about our plans for free translated tutorials for the art installation, the amazing people helping to bring the directory to life, the timeline for these projects, and more. 

As Quynh put it, “In 2021 the paper florist industry is going to make a stamp in the world.”


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