Paper Talk Podcast Episode 53: How and Why Branding and Marketing Go Hand in Hand (Part 2) with Kalisa Jenne-Fraser and Missy Palacol

branding marketing paper talk podcast Jun 29, 2020

So your business is all set up on a fancy platform, and you’re receiving analytics about clicks and emails and on and on. What do you do with all of that? How do you change things? Should you change things? Is there some sort of secret marketing formula that you’re missing? 

Last week on our podcast, Paper Talk, we dove into the world of branding with Kalisa and Missy of Kalyx Group. We loved and learned so much from our conversation that we extended into this week’s episode. Our focus shifted from finding the heart of your business (in short, the brand) to the ins and outs of marketing your business.

To answer one of those earlier questions, Missy gave us some great insight:

“When it comes to marketing, I think that every person, brand, or business who isn’t super familiar with marketing, they assume…that there’s a secret sauce to marketing. You know? I’ve seen other influencers who have become marketing experts now, and they try to sell their formula, exactly what worked for them, to somebody else. And marketing isn’t a one size fits all. And most of marketing is, it’s like the old term, ‘Throw the spaghetti noodles against the wall and see what sticks’... And it kind of takes that pressure off of you, as well, to say, ‘Well, didn’t work out, onto the next.’”

That was a bit of a theme for the episode: try, try, try. Look at your analytics and see where things can improve. Then try something! Give it a bit of time, evaluate, and tweak as needed. 

Episode 53 of Paper Talk will drop on Thursday, July 2. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Learn more by listening to our latest episode today. Our conversation was bursting with incredibly helpful information for your business, from pivoting during Covid, to rebranding vs. changing marketing tactics, to how to turn potential customers into actual customers. And you won’t want to miss out on the amazing free goodie from our guests: the Brand Resilience Checklist. Your business will thank you! Head over to the Paper Talk podcast and get your free checklist!

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