Part 1: How much money does it take to start a creative business?

being a paper florist the paper florists collective Jun 10, 2020

For many of us in creative fields like paper floral design, starting a business can feel overwhelming. You want to make money from your amazing creations, but that leap forward into businesshood often holds many unknowns for those new to the entrepreneurial side of things. One of the biggest worries new business owners face is uncertainty about money. Just how much upfront investment will you need? Are you forgetting any costs?  Luckily, many people have done this before, including us. We’re also lucky that in a field like paper flowers, the startup costs are relatively low. While we can’t give you an exact number for what your business will cost since there are so many variables, we can give you a starting point, so that you aren’t caught off guard later on. 


Guidance from Professionals

When setting up your business, we highly recommend consulting a lawyer and/or a certified CPA. Taxes and laws are complicated, and it’s worth the money to make sure you are setting up shop in a way that won’t cost you more in the end. 

You may need help creating your logo and website. Hiring someone to make these for you can give your business a very professional look, right off the bat. But, if you do not have the funds, make your own logo off of Canva. Canva makes it super easy and not only can you create logos but you can make pretty infographics, visual portfolio and so much more. I use it almost every day creating marketing content for my various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and my website.

It’s also very helpful to learn from other entrepreneurs who have been through what you’re trying to do. There are many business courses and books out there that will help guide you. Our course, Paper to Profits, is uniquely focused on helping those in creative fields, like paper flowers, get their business up and running in no time. With just a little investment, you can learn the ins and outs of the industry from two seasoned pros.

You should also consider the costs of workshops you should attend to better your craft. These can be great opportunities to learn something new and to network with other people in your field.

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