Large Wall Peony

Paper Flower Course with Quynh D. Nguyen

In the case of peonies, bigger is better! With this paper flower tutorial, I will guide you through every step of creating a breathtaking wall peony that will dazzle with its enormous size and exquisitely ruffled petals.

Creativity On a Large Scale

Step into a world of artistic possibilities as a paper florist, where realism meets the realm of the fantastical. I usually strive for realism with my flowers, but this tutorial lets you create a mesmerizing bloom that blurs the line between imagination and reality. My wall peony looks just like a fluffy peony growing in your garden in May, but its enormous size makes this magical piece of art something you’d expect to find in Wonderland.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

This big and bold tutorial guides you in creating paper flowers on a larger scale than usual. You’ll master the art of cupping and shaping large petals, as well as making something sturdy enough to hold up under the extra weight of all that fluffy fun. My tutorial is a perfect stepping stone for expanding your skills and scaling up your future projects.

Understanding the foundation of the structure is crucial in this tutorial. You'll gain insights into creating a sturdy base that provides proper support for your petals, ensuring they lay gracefully without flopping. Additionally, I’ll teach you the mechanics of hanging your wall peony or mounting it on a freestanding PVC pipe.

Supplies Used:

  • 180 gsm Italian crepe paper in color of choice

  • Wires

  • Staples

  • Hot glue

  • Large and small plastic bowls for base

Difficulty Level:

4. This tutorial is more involved. Make sure to have a very sharp pair of scissors as you cut numerous petals and a good hot glue gun and glue sticks. You will need more than you think. While the process may be time-consuming, the final effect is well worth the effort. The key aspect about this tutorial is building out your base to glue your petals. Your base will be the foundation for how your flower shapes as you build it out.

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