Sneak Peek into this week Paper Talk Podcast: How and Why Branding and Marketing go Hand in Hand, Part 1

paper talk sneak peek Jun 23, 2020

We’ve all taken different paths to the wonderful world of paper flowers, but one thing that unites us is a love of our craft. It’s no surprise that many of us want to turn that passion into a business. But even if you make the most amazing, creative flowers, you may have found yourself feeling a bit over your head when it comes to the branding and marketing side of things.

Luckily, there’s help out there. On our latest episode of Paper Talk, we were so lucky to speak with two incredible ladies: Kalisa Jenne-Fraser and Missy Palacol. They are the talented duo behind the consulting firm, Kalyx Group, and they shared insights and tips to help businesses succeed.

Kalisa helped us understand the difference between marketing and branding: “I think a lot of people think that [they] are the same thing, but really, they’re separate pieces of the same puzzle...Branding is about who you are as a company and why you exist, and it provides your business with a real identity. It’s beyond your logo and your colors and your packaging. It’s the ideas, the emotions, your beliefs and values, and the experience customers will have with your business. Marketing is how you translate that to your audience. So, it's the tactics and activities that you use to create the awareness and power of your brand. It teaches people who you are and why you matter to them and what value your services or your product will have to them as a person.”  

One of the big takeaways from our conversation was that you need to understand the why of your business. Why do you want to do this? What is the passion behind everything? Kalisa and Missy went into even more depth on that subject and even provided our listeners with a freebie, The Brand Audit Workbook (including the Why worksheet), to walk you through the process of figuring out your why. It’s an incredible tool for every business owner, experienced or new!

Listen now to Paper Talk to learn even more about how you can build your brand and focus the marketing of your company like never before. We learned so much that Kalisa and Missy will be back in our next episode! You won’t want to miss it.  

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