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Pink and Posey Paper Flower Kit: Dahlia

Thank you so much for joining on my #paperdahliachallenge this week! It was a pleasure having you along!

I can't wait to see your dahlias, and as a bonus, I'm giving you access to my Paper Flower Dahlia Kit. Let me know if you have any questions! You can purchase this kit in my Etsy shop. If you buy the kit, you can customize the kit to include the color of paper you would like during checkout.

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Finishing off your dahlia with the sepals and leaves

Are you ready to complete the flower and make the sepals and the leaves? Here we go!

 If you missed out on the first part, here's the link to catch up! Part 2, here!

For this third part, you will need the leaf/moss crepe paper plus 26 gauge wire and tacky glue.

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Step 12:  Cutting the Paper to Make the Sepals and Leaves

  1. Grab the Leaf/Moss crepe paper, that is already cut into 2.5". Fold the long strip in half. Then cut off 6 pieces that are about 2 cm in width. These are the pieces for the sepal petals.
  2. Next, you are going to cut the leaf. We start off by cutting a bias cut against the grain of the paper, from corner to corner. See video for a demonstration of this bias cut.
  3. You will cut two triangles set, keep the set separate from each other.
  4. Decide which color you would like the leaf, either the Leaf or Moss color. If you are deciding on the Leaf color, you will want to make sure that is facing toward you.  Take the glue stick and run a line of glue on the cut edge. Then take the other half and place leaf color to leaf color together, making sure the corner matches up. Seal and pinch the edge together to make sure the set is glued together. Set aside.
  5. With the 6 rectangular pieces, fold the rectangular pieces in half and cut diagonally starting at the one-inch mark.

Step 13:  Cupping the Sepals 

  1. With the sepal, you will place your left and right thumb in the center of the sepal, and you will push in and then out. This will create a cupped shape. See video for a demonstration of this technique.

Step 14: Placement of the sepal to the base of the flower head

  1. Look for the "gap" at the bottom of the flower head, this is where you will place the first sepal petal. Place the next two sepals leaving a small gap in between the sepals. Place the next three sepals in those gaps.

Step 15: Making the Leaves

  1. Opened the leaf sets and then crease it so it will stay open. 
  2. Look at the paper and identify the where the grains are running. You want to have the grains move up and outward in the shape of the "V". This is the top of the leaf.
  3. Imagine a leaf shape and cut the leaf in that shape. Make sure both sides mirror each other.
  4. Turn the leaf over to the backside. Open the flap and place a line of glue down the middle. Grab your 26 gauge and place it inside the flap and then seal.
  5. Now do the same to the other leaf set.
  6. Next, take a short strip of floral tape, about 3", and starting at the base of the leaf, wrap the floral tape around the leaf stem about 1" down. Do the same to the other stem and then connect the other leaf to that stem. See the video for a demonstration of this step.

Tip: To activate the floral tape, stretch an inch of the tape before starting to wrap the stem and place a dot of glue at the start of the tape. Once the tape is on, you will need to stretch it gently and continuously as you wrap it around the stem.   

Step 16: Adding the Leaves to the Stem of the Dahlia

  1. Cut a 12" strip of floral tape and starting at the base of the flower, wrap the floral tape around the stem.   About 4" down, you will add your leaf set to the stem and floral tape in securely on. 
  2. Continue wrapping the entire stem with the floral tape until it is completed wrapped.

You now have a completed dahlia! I hoped you had a fun time making this dahlia and if you have any questions, please let me know. 

Don't forget to tag your dahlia with #paperdahliachallenge and @pinkandposey I would love to see your dahlia!