Pink and Posey Paper Dahlia 4-Day Insta Challenge

Are you ready to tackled the dahlia?

Here we go! Here's the list of supplies you will need first!

Step 1: Prep the Paper by Cutting Strips of the Paper into These Sizes:

  • 1" Strip (This is the center of the Dahlia: fringe and petal fringe).
  • 2" Strip (Petals for the tubular shape petals and surround inner petals).
  • 2.5" Strip (Petals for the middle and bottom layer of the petals).
  • With the leaf/moss paper cut 2" Strip for the leaf and sepals components.

Step 2: Creating the Center of the Dahlia

  1. Take the 1" Strip and fold in half, then half again and then one more time. Find the folds and cut it to form 8 even short strips.
  2. Take three of the strips and put it aside.
  3. Take two of them of the strips and start making small tight fringes.
  4. With the third strip, make petal fringes. See video for more detailed instructions and how to cup each of the tiny petals.

Step 3: Shaping the Petals

  1. See video on how to cup the petals in more detail. You can cup two to three petals at the same time by placing your two thumbs in the top center of the petal and gently press your thumbs into the paper, forming a slightly cupped shape and creating an "S" shaped petal.

Note: Make sure you cup the same colored side of the crepe paper on all the petals if you are using a crepe paper that has two different colors. 

2. Next, roll all the petals into a very tight to a loose tubular roll. Some rolls maybe require a dot of glue to keep them from unrolling, but not necessary.

Step 4:   Assembling the Dahlia

  1. Time to grab the 16 gauge floral wire and your glue stick.
  2. Next, your two fringe strips and rub the glue stick on the lower half both strips.
  3. Slowly wrap the strip around one end of the floral wire, then wrap the second fringed strip and then finally the petal fringed strip.
  4. Selecting the tightest petal rolls and starting at the top of the center of the dahlia, glue the first tube petal down. Move a couple petal spaces over and glue another tubular petal and continue randomly until you have glued all petals.

Step 5: Cutting the 2" Strip Petals

  1. With the 2" strips petals, you will cut varying width sizes of 2 mm to 1 cm pieces.
  2. Next, fold the rectangular pieces in half and cut diagonally starting at the one-inch mark.

Tip: When cutting the rectangular pieces, they do not need to be uniform. Some pieces can be more narrow or slightly wider. This will give the dahlia a more natural look.  

Step 6: Cupping the 2" Strip Petals

  1. In the video, I talk about the different placement of your thumbs than what I usually do to cup a regular petal. With this petal, you will place your left thumb at the bottom and then the right thumb on top, and you will push in and then out, left thumb to the left and right thumb to the right. This will create almost an "S" shape petal and give it more movement in the petal. See video for a demonstration of this technique.

Step 7: Placement of the Petals

  1. Start at the top of the dahlia and glue one petal next to the last one, going clockwise. Once you have completed the row, move down the flower stem and start another row; this time placing your petal in between the petals of the previous row.
  2. Use my gap technique by looking at the flower from the above and find the natural gaps in between the petals, that is where you will place your next petal.

Tip: When you get stuck on where to put your next petal, turn the flower upside-down, and you will see the gaps more readily, see my video for a deep look into this step.

Thanks for joining me on Part 1 of making the dahlia! Look in your inbox for the next step on putting the next sets of petals.