A handselection of specialty papers, art and floral supplies to elevate your paper flowers deliver monthly to you.


THE september digital POSEY BOX membership IS available to subscribe AND WILL START ON september 1!


DIGITAL membership ACCESS - IN september, the posey box team will guide you on how to make lilies! We’ll be showing you the tiger lily and casablanca lily, plus demos for additional techniques!

learn how to make lilies for only $20!


Hello! I've gotten a few requests that people would love to be more involved with The Posey Box but do not want the physical materials. This is a great option for my international peeps!

Here is what it entails:

* Each month you will receive a digital copy of the Posey Box inserts, which will include any free tutorials or discount codes from my featured artist of the month plus their tips and advice.

*It will give you exclusive access to my private Facebook group for exclusive artist interviews and LIVE demonstrations of techniques and tips to make your flowers better. Plus, you can ask them questions while they are making it! And, the videos will be archived so you can access anytime afterward as long as you are a current subscriber.

*This unique forum will also give you a chance to connect with other paper florist artists at all different levels on various topics from making flowers to buying supplies, to setting up an Etsy shop, approaching wholesalers, to doing style shoots!

You get all of this plus so much more as I evolve the group and customize it to make it better for each of my Posey Box subscribers.

Monthly membership

For $45 + shipping ($10 within the United States and $25 elsewhere in the world) a month you will received a handselection of specialty papers, art and floral supplies that will inspired and elevate your craft. Each box will highlight an artist, a store, or a company with inspirations on how to bring life to your flowers. Plus, you get exclusive access to my private Facebook group once you are a subscriber.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I subscribed for the month of June, will I always have access to this month?

A: Yes, as long as Pink and Posey’s website is up and running, you will always have access to it!

Q: Is there an easy to access the months that I subscribed to?

A: Yes, Click here for the Posey Box Membership Gateway for each of the portals.

Q: I am a subscriber, how do I change my shipping address?

A: To change the subscription shipping address, you must cancel the subscription and re-subscribe using different shipping details.

Q: What if I need to cancel or pause my subscription?

A: If you want to pause their subscription, you should cancel the subscription, and purchase the subscription product again in the future.