"Emerging from the Darkness" |  Installation Workshop & Editorial Photo Shoot

Join us in Los Angeles on Wednesday, April 28th for an in-person workshop 

Caroline Tran

Caroline Tran Photography 

Quynh Nguyen 

Pink and Posey

Christina Shay 

Luceo Creative 

Calling All Creatives...

Are you interested in creating an art installation?


Interested in trying something new?


Is your creativity in need of a revival?


If the answer is yes, this workshop was made for you!


Quynh of Pink and Posey has created over 5,000 crepe paper foliages to build these installations! The students will assist her in creating four unique installations.  


Christina of Luceo Creative will be sharing about sustainable mechanics.  She will also discuss how to create a brand with a focus on sustainability.


Caroline Tran will direct and shoot an editorial feature focused on celebrating the asian community and rich culture.

Full Price: $497

  • Take home a gallery of professional photos from an editorial shoot
  • (This is great for portfolio building!)
  • Work with an award-winning photography team
  • Learn SUSTAINABLE installation mechanics from industry professionals
  • Network with creative professionals
  • and more!
Yes, I want to build my portfolio!


  • How to use sustainable mechanics to create four set designs that will be used by Caroline Tran in an editorial shoot during the second part of the day.
  • How to work with a professional team to execute an editorial shoot.
  • How to incorporate sustainability within your creative business.


  • A moon shaped chandelier
  • Floating monstera pillars
  • Hanging swing, adorned in fresh flowers with a greenery installation climbing up the wall behind it
  • Mountain landscape with clouds 
  • and more!

Don't miss out on this unique collaboration!

This is a one time, pop-up workshop that is 95% crepe paper and 5% fresh flowers.  Quynh will not be doing this type of workshop again and it will not be recorded!

Full Price: $497

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