Embark on a study of the Garden Rose at the Garden Rose in Bloom Retreat
Hosted by Pink and Posey & StudioLife

Dive into a World of Paper Artistry | June 2-6, 2024
Join us for a Welcome Dinner on June 2nd with a Happy Hour Farewell on June 6th
Studio Life, Seattle, Washington

The Garden Rose in Bloom Retreat is more than just a gathering; it's a journey into the soul of paper floristry.

This retreat is your moment to pause, reflect, and rekindle your passion for paper floristry. Let's immerse in the beauty of botanicals, exchange stories and techniques, and weave a tapestry of connections. You'll leave not just with a bouquet of stunning paper roses, but with memories, friendships, and skills that will flourish long after our time together ends.

Let's renew your joy in the creative process of making paper flowers, of picking up your scissors and glue and watching a flower blossom in your hand. This is your opportunity to slow down and enjoy the process of painting and cutting. We will take some walks, talk about the botanical flowers, have intimate conversations about new techniques, and share experiences in making paper flowers. It’s all about connections and community.

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You will walk away with a better understanding of the garden rose and a renewed joy in creating paper flowers. 

Whether you are a seasoned paper florist or a novice floral enthusiast, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower you. Quynh cannot wait to share her expertise, artistic vision, and love for paper flowers with each and every one of you.



Together, we will explore various techniques, tips, and tricks that will bring your paper rose to life.

You'll learn the delicate art of shaping and assembling paper petals, allowing you to create a masterpiece that showcases the beauty and intricacy of this captivating flower.

The simplicity of roses belies their complexity. Master the art of creating roses in every stage of bloom, from a delicate bud to a majestic wall adornment, under Quynh's expert guidance.



From beginners to more experienced artists, this retreat welcomes all. Delve into the anatomy of a rose, craft your templates, and breathe life into petals with a spectrum of paints, so they look realistic and uniquely yours. Challenge your boundaries, refine your skills, and let’s elevate your skills to take it to the next level.

Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of paper flowers or looking to deepen your existing skills, this retreat is your canvas. Quynh will guide you through the delicate art of deconstructing and reconstructing garden roses, teaching you to paint, shape, and bring to life blooms that tell your unique story.




Quynh invites you to a sanctuary of creativity, where hands and hearts unite in the craft. Over four days, amidst shared meals and the rustle of paper, we'll forge a garden of dreams. Learn to envision, dissect, and transform crepe paper into ethereal roses, from the daintily realistic to the whimsically grand.

Walk away with a renewed joy in creating and better understanding of the garden rose.

Quynh is excited to bring you to this special retreat to sit together and create with our hands and heart. Let’s celebrate the quiet joy of making. Let’s spend four days together over meals, cutting paper, and obsessing over paper flowers. Quynh will share her techniques on conceptualizing your project, breaking it down into steps, and the techniques needed to color and wash your way to a perfect rose. Together we will make a garden full of roses, from small and realistic to large and Wonderland reminiscent.

Quynh can’t wait to bring some special guests to join you in this celebration of creation.





  • Craft stunning garden roses, learning the secrets that give paper flowers their lifelike charm.
  • Find inspiration in the University of Washington's rose garden, a stone's throw from our serene StudioLife.
  • Forge lasting bonds with fellow paper art enthusiasts, united by a shared passion of creating flowers.
  • Kickstart the retreat with a welcoming dinner, and let each day be punctuated with engaging lunches and a celebratory cocktail hour.
  • Elevate your toolkit with over $500 worth of premium materials, curated just for you.
  • Enjoy an exclusive preview and discount for our upcoming Italian paper flower workshop in 2025.


Place your deposit of $500

Terms: $500 is due at time of registration.

Our non-refundable deposit secures your seat at the 2024 retreat, and will be applied to your total event cost. The rest will be invoiced to you in two payments.

See detailed cancellation policy and more in our FAQ section below.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Early Bird Pricing: $2500
Regular Price: $3000

Embrace this opportunity for artistic growth, botanical explorations, and heartfelt connections. Join us for a week that promises not just skill enhancement, but a rejuvenation of your creative spirit.

  • Four days of paper flower instructions with Quynh
  • Guided botanical walks
  • One welcome dinner, four lunches, plus a goodbye cocktail hour
  • Over $500 worth of curated crepe paper, coloring, and speciality tools
  • Recommendations for accommodations and transportation
  • A week of learning and creating beautiful garden roses




Secure your spot in this transformative retreat. Let's weave memories and masterpieces together. And while you're here, why not extend your stay to explore the vibrant heart of Seattle, from the fragrant stalls of Pike Place Market to the tranquil shores of Puget Sound?


Cheers to a Journey of Creative Blossoming!


Join us in June 2024 for a week of creativity, connection, and the flourishing beauty of garden roses. Secure your spot with a deposit, and let's make memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to spend a few days discovering Seattle with its Pike Place Market filled with local flowers. 


Join us in Seattle, Washington
Early-Bird Pricing: $2500 (ends Feb 29, 2024)
Full Price: $3000

Terms: $500 is due at time of registration. Our non-refundable deposit secures your seat at the 2024 retreat, and will be applied to your total event cost.

See detailed cancellation policy and more in our FAQ section below.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]



"Quynh has been one of the absolute best teachers! I have truly learned so much from her. The classes she offers are engaging, and the preplanning she puts into each class ensures you will be ready with the right tools and materials needed to flourish and grow! I am walking away from this class with the most gorgeous bouquet, a stronger love for paper flowers, new skills, and new friends.

I have confidence that there will be fewer failures in the future because of all she has shared. She has this magical way of providing an environment that feels like learning from a colleague and a friend and really knows how to bring out the maximum potential and creativity in her students.

Thank you from the bottom of my paper heart! I can't wait to take more classes!"



Quynh, the creative force behind Pink and Posey, is not just a paper artist and soon-to-be author, but a community builder and educator.

Her work, celebrated across various platforms, embodies the spirit of sharing and growth. Dive deeper into her world through her podcast, Paper Talk.

You can now pre-order her paper flower book, THE NEW ART OF PAPER FLOWERS! The publisher is forecasting it to be released this fall!

Each and every pre-order is huge when it comes to how much exposure a book gets. The more pre-orders, the more the algorithm pushes the book out in front of eyes. Amazon and other platforms do not pay authors well, so I usually encourage people to buy through their local indie or through, but during the pre-order time period, sales at Amazon makes a big difference.



What if could we create more space for ourselves in our daily lives? StudioLife was started by Kristi and Brooke, with the idea of creating space. Creating space is a choice and takes practice. They believe that the discipline of creating space in our lives enriches us.


We have been friends for a long time and found ourselves circling around the idea of wanting to start a new chapter, a new adventure, and a new way to relate to our greater community. Just a short walk from University of Washington and University Village, our amazing space is always filled with light, and makes a great place to dive into creativity, or reverie with friends, family or coworkers.We have loved the experience of connecting artists and learners from all over the country and world. The creativity of people continues to astound us - from learners arranging classes with friends and family across the miles to artist-instructors strategizing how best to teach and connect with their growing communities. We are both wired to look for and enjoy the creativity in others, so we gain a lot of joy from this beautiful business of ours. We would love to have you here with us at Studio Life!


Itinerary Details


Sunday, June 2nd, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm | Welcome Dinner

Welcome dinner where you can meet the other attendees, get your footing so you know where the studio is, and more importantly, I can get a chance to chat with you and get to know you better.

Monday, June 3rd | Day 1

Full day of instructions, including a walk to the rose garden, and lots of painting and coloring your crepe papers

Tuesday, June 4th | Day 2

Full day of instruction to make your bud, freshly bloom garden rose and foliages

Wednesday, June 5th | Day 3

Full day of instruction to make your fully bloomed rose and large wall garden rose flower

Thursday, June 6th | Day 4

Full day of instruction to finish your large wall garden rose flower. We will end the day with an exhibition of your work with a farewell cocktail hour from 4-6 pm that will include special guests.

*The itinerary is subject to refinement to ensure the highest quality experience.



Photos by Yvonne Wong Photography